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I want IMMEDIATE LIFETIME ACCESS to The Magic Of Movement Online Dance Lesson Series at which offers over 10 dance lessons already streaming online including:

How To Moonwalk

How To Side Glide

Turning 101 - How to Turn

How To Moonwalk In A Circle & More!

Also, reserve a spot for me as one of the next 500, 214 subscribers, so that I am entitled to the 4 bonuses: Popping, Waving, Turning and Freestyling Technical Clinics and Articles
valued at $128.00, absolutely FREE! This is all for a limited special introductory one time fee of $27.00 USD (American Dollars) when I order today.

Website Technical Requirements & Terms Of Use
All you need is a computer with access to the Internet, Speakers for you to hear the instruction and Macromedia Flash Player to view the videos. Also, the faster your Internet connection, the faster the video stream. The site is best used with Internet Explorer and a good Internet connection.

By signing up for these dance lessons, you agree to the website's Terms of Use.

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I authorize ENOMISTAR PROCUTIONS INC. to charge $27.00 American Dollars for the purchase of The Magic Of Movement Online Dance Lesson Series at



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